A-Major Music Karaoke - Toby Keith Disc.

A-Major Music Karaoke Series

A-Major Music Karaoke Group has links to many different karaoke labels, as seen below. However, people see them as separate companies with independent karaoke labels.

In the list below, you will see many familiar karaoke labels. The following information comes from a few different karaoke jockeys (KJs). Indeed, the info collected is consistent.

Here is the only disc we know of from the parent label, A-Major Music (see image).

A-Major Music Karaoke - AMM001 - CD+G Label - Toby Keith Disc.

AMM001: This is a Toby Keith karaoke disc.

In effect, A-Major Music (based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA) is responsible for many karaoke labels, including:

Since A-Major Music had their fingers in many pies, the above list does not tell the whole story. For instance, Supercore is a collection of karaoke tracks from many sources. They include Country Hits Monthly and the Rising Star label, among others. Indeed, Supercore is a mixture of all sorts, and you may want to avoid those. Karaoke Info is here to help you avoid costly mistakes!

Because of licensing and other issues, the firm consistently rebranded its labels. Singer’s Solution is a prime example of how the firm evolved to sell the karaoke we love to sing.

A-Major Music Karaoke: Separate Listing

Of course, we have a separate listing for all karaoke labels. The reason is that as people discover a new karaoke label, they can easily find more about them at Karaoke Info.

There is a distinction between karaoke collectors and those who have a passing interest. Our job is to inform and entertain. That is why most karaoke labels here have an information page. Moreover, it is not for us, or anyone else, to tell people what to buy. However, our informative pages will educate people and gently nudge them in the right direction to help save time and money.

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AMM001 - Toby Keith Front Cover.

By clicking the links above, you will see the karaoke disc ID numbers for the individual labels in the series. Once you click their songbook link, you will see all the songs on those karaoke discs.

You can download the karaoke songbook for those individual companies. Even though they all have the same parent company, they all have unique identities.

Complete reviews of those or any karaoke label will always be welcome here.

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AMM001 - Toby Keith Back Cover - Honkytonk U.

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