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Many different commercial manufacturers have made karaoke discs and tracks over the years. However, another market has been around for years, too. We are speaking of Homemade Karaoke tracks, of course. Our homemade karaoke directory below shows how active this market is. Moreover, the demand for alternative versions or “missing” songs is strong.

Yes, that’s true. Some songs may not be available in the catalogues of big karaoke companies due to licensing issues or other reasons. So, this is where enthusiasts took the lead. Indeed, they set about making their karaoke versions. Because of this, karaoke fans can now enjoy the “missing hits” that the big firms chose to ignore. However, if you want some of these homemade karaoke versions, you may have a problem finding them!

Be that as it may, our leads have come up trumps again. Many members and visitors have sent in their lists. Therefore, we list them below in good faith. The information we gather helps us to make a karaoke songbook for each homemade karaoke maker. However, we also have songbooks for those we list in the following directories:

  • English CDG Karaoke Directory
  • Digital Karaoke Directory
  • International Karaoke Directory
  • Video Karaoke Directory

Let us know if you have more homemade karaoke to add to our lists. Furthermore, you can ask us to correct any information we have. If you make karaoke and wish to be included here, send us your song list. We will then create a downloadable songbook and a page in your name.

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Good Hunting

Good luck if you try to hunt down any homemade karaoke tracks, but remember there may be legal considerations. For example, you probably won’t be able to play most of them at a karaoke gig.

There will be a few exemptions to the rule, but generally speaking, most homemade karaoke tracks will be MP3+G. We explain what this means in the different karaoke formats below.

Homemade Karaoke Reviews

Our team at Karaoke Info is mainly retired, and we only ever used CDGs at our gigs. However, we did seek out samples and reviewed most of the commercial karaoke makers using easy-to-find CDGs. But our official reviews stop there.

Since the homemade karaoke market thrives, this does not stop you from reviewing any homemade tracks you encounter. Therefore, we leave the homemade karaoke reviews up to you.

Different Karaoke Formats

Here, we explain the main karaoke formats available right now**:

  • MP3 (Instrumental Audio Only): What a homemade karaoke begins with.
  • MP3+G: These are the downloadable tracks; the G is showing you that it is an MP3 but with graphics.
  • CD+G Disc: These are the commercially available karaoke discs you can buy online or in shops; the G means that it is a CD + graphics.

** Further information about different karaoke formats can be found here.

You will be familiar with commercial karaoke discs you can buy online or in shops. Indeed, they look similar to CDs. When you purchase commercial karaoke discs, you can play them in portable karaoke players at home. Of course, many karaoke firms now choose to have downloadable tracks. For example, Sunfly Karaoke has a fantastic website for downloading individual tracks.

You can only play the downloadable MP3+G tracks on your computer, laptop or similar device. However, you can burn downloadable tracks to a CD.

Once you buy commercial karaoke in whatever format you choose, they are yours. You can then play and sing along to your karaoke songs at home. This is providing that you have suitable equipment, of course.

Microphone with a colour waveform.

Indeed, these are the same karaoke songs that you will sing along to at your local karaoke venue. However, as we explained, you will not find many homemade karaoke tracks at karaoke venues. That is because of copyright and licence arrangements, etc.

Legal Notes

The Karaoke Info website will continue to share information, but we will never give legal advice. Of course, if you buy your karaoke tracks commercially, you can play them privately or at a licenced venue. Even so, refer to the terms of the licensor for anything else.

The big companies will probably not chase you up for making homemade karaoke. However, making your work available to others is a different kettle of fish. You certainly can’t sell them to anyone. This is why you will find it hard to find certain homemade karaoke tracks.

Karaoke Info does not offer advice, legal or otherwise. However, the freedom of others to produce their artistic work is up to the individual. Our website exists to entertain and inform. We are not here to judge what other people do.

So, if you are a DJ or KJ and make karaoke files, we don’t know where you stand. However, you can use your files if you rip them from your CDGs.

To Sum Up Our Homemade Karaoke Directory

Although making homemade karaoke is acceptable under certain circumstances, you will find it hard to get hold of. Any you come across will usually be in a format suitable for playing on a computer or something similar, unless you burn them to disc.

Judging by our comprehensive homemade karaoke directory above, it is clear that there was and maybe still is a thriving market for karaoke variations or “missing” songs.

While the Karaoke Info website will always stay legal and above board, there is a market for homemade karaoke tracks. With this in mind, the subject is open for discussion. Why not tell us your thoughts here or in our Karaoke Forum?

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