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About Karaoke Info

The Karaoke Info website exists because a few online sites joined to form a much bigger one. So, this page will tell you why this website exists and who the staff are. In other words, it is all about us!

The top staff at Karaoke Info have mostly retired from the karaoke scene. That is to say, our colleagues here rarely do karaoke gigs nowadays. And none of our staff members is currently a full-time Karaoke Jockey (KJ). However, most still have their gear and have garages full to the brim with collections of karaoke discs.

Be that as it may, many members and fringe staff are still KJs or DJs. So, we have a vast amount of experience. Indeed, we will continue to share karaoke information because of our love for the KJ/DJ industry.

Even though most of us are no longer working full-time as KJs, we keep ourselves busy. For example, we still help other people ease into the karaoke world.

Above all, we operate and run an education and entertainment website here. We aim to educate and inform, hence, Karaoke Info.

Running The Karaoke Info Website

To run our website effectively, we rely on income from the following:

  • Advertising space
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Memberships
  • Karaoke songbooks
  • Donations

Karaoke Info is open to you all day, and your input is appreciated.

Karaoke Talk

We discuss all things associated with karaoke, of course. So, our website includes the following:

  • Karaoke Blogs: use these for creating articles or commenting on posts.
  • Karaoke Forums: message boards for all. Karaoke talk is a priority, but we do have many different topics.

You need to register on each one, as they are all separate sites but still within our Karaoke Info network.

You can use our karaoke blog to post news or other relevant information. The Karaoke Forum is always open and public, so you can join and chat about anything you like. However, the focus is on karaoke, of course.

Karaoke Info Chat.

You Are Important in the Karaoke World

Don’t forget that you were once new to the karaoke world. With this in mind, why not share your experiences of the karaoke scene? You can help others new to the karaoke scene by doing the following:

  • Joining in and helping us to educate and inform those who have an interest in karaoke.
  • Responding to questions on the blog or in the Karaoke Forum.
  • Let us know if you feel we have something wrong on the website.
  • Stating your opinions about the various karaoke manufacturers and labels.
  • Voting for your favourite karaoke label.
  • Supporting the website via memberships or donations.

You are important here, and we appreciate that, so join us and help others ease into the marvellous world of karaoke.

Advertise Your Karaoke Business

If you have a karaoke business or venue, you can advertise it here for nothing when you become a member. Use the ‘Submit A Post‘ tab above for this purpose.

List of Karaoke Makers

Our comprehensive karaoke directory will help you find the various karaoke labels. You can also vote for each one. Indeed, our 5-star rating system offers a quick way to review karaoke manufacturers.

Microphone wording - karaoke collection.

Karaoke Info: The Legal Side

As you can see, Karaoke Info operates correctly. We are open and honest. Therefore, we welcome members who are the same. The legal side of things might appear tedious, but we must comply with the rules.

You can find more details about Karaoke Info on our Privacy Policy page and in the Terms and Conditions.

About Karaoke Info—And Finally

Finally, the staff at Karaoke Info hope you enjoy your stay while you browse our website. We are open to all suggestions to make our website more appealing to more people. So, that about sums up the ‘About Karaoke Info’ page!

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