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CDG Karaoke Directory Introduction

Our CDG Directory below allows you to access information about a particular English karaoke label. We list new and old karaoke manufacturers. However, we also have the following directories:

  • Digital Karaoke Directory.
  • Homemade Karaoke Directory.
  • International Karaoke Directory.
  • Video Karaoke Directory.

The majority of independent karaoke labels are no longer with us. However, the used market for karaoke discs is still active, and those previously made discs become available frequently.

Indeed, as a karaoke disc collector, you should look for bargains. That is because, with so many karaoke labels available, you don’t want costs to spiral out of control. For that reason, you must understand the differences between them.

Due to the duplication of karaoke tracks across the different labels, cross-referencing is necessary. You can easily do that at Karaoke Info because all the karaoke labels we list have a downloadable songbook. Of course, the idea is to try and eliminate dupes as much as possible. With this in mind, you can save money by choosing carefully. You can also save space!

English Karaoke Manufacturers A-Z:

























Karaoke Discs For Sale

Generally speaking, most independent karaoke labels above no longer produce karaoke. They either went out of business or ceased production because of other reasons.

However, even though they don’t make new tracks, they may still have a website available. Indeed, some may still be selling other merchandise, including karaoke discs and tracks from previous releases!

You can still buy their discs from places such as eBay. Karaoke disc collectors using eBay should search worldwide, not just their own country. So, switch eBay’s search facility over accordingly.

Ask about the condition of the discs before you buy second-hand karaoke CDGs online. That is because poor discs could cause problems. For instance, the graphics can suffer. Also, the tracks can skip on a poor CDG.

Above all, beware of discs that are copies and report those that you suspect are fake. Of course, there are many other places to buy second-hand discs other than eBay. Indeed, there are private sales elsewhere.

So, if you need to buy a thousand karaoke discs, doing homework will help. Our CDG karaoke directory above, our reviews, and other information will help you.

Current Independent Karaoke Labels

It’s good that we still have a few karaoke producers around today. With this in mind, here is a list of the karaoke firms currently making discs or downloadable tracks.

We believe we have every manufacturer, old and new, in the CDG karaoke directory above and those currently producing below. But if you know of others, let us know.

You can help keep karaoke music flowing by purchasing directly from the manufacturers. So buy directly from the makers if at all possible. Here are the links to their websites:

Compiling Data For The CDG Karaoke Directory

Of course, we went out of our way to compile this CDG karaoke directory with our members. For instance, we asked karaoke jockeys (KJs) to send in their songbook lists. Moreover, we had to sift through each one over the years, and this was a massive task.

With most karaoke firms no longer producing, their lists will hardly change. However, those who still make karaoke will have evolving lists. Karaoke Info will adjust our website accordingly.

Singing skeleton.

Therefore, on each page, we list the disc prefix numbers for the individual karaoke producers. As a result, we see lists like most KJs use in their songbooks. Thus, we list all the unique karaoke labels that have ever existed. But if you know of others, let us know!

Some sort of proof would be helpful, of course. For example, an image of the disc sleeve and the disc itself would help.

In effect, we list the above CDG karaoke directory in good faith. That is because verifying every karaoke label, or even the discs, is impossible. So, we can’t guarantee that all the information is correct. However, our data is compiled from seasoned KJs, so it will be close. Therefore, please tell us if you think something is missing or incorrect.

Karaoke Song Books For The CDG Directory

Of course, the disc identities here are fully comprehensive. However, karaoke collectors need to know the contents of the discs. Therefore, each karaoke label has a downloadable songbook.

You can also view the entire contents of our songbooks online for cross-reference purposes. For those who want customised karaoke songbooks, we can also supply those. So, if you need us to customise your karaoke songbooks, consider becoming a member.

Karaoke Rating

Each one of the karaoke labels in the list above has a rating system on its page. So, to help karaoke collectors choose which karaoke to buy, please consider ranking them accordingly. Since collecting karaoke discs can be an expensive hobby, this will help others decide what CDGs to choose.

Karaoke directory - man running on spinning CD.

In effect, the big karaoke manufacturers that survived should score highly. Labels such as Zoom and Sunfly will get a lot of good ratings. After all, those labels managed to see through the times when karaoke disc sales fell rapidly.

With this in mind, please consider rating those but don’t forget the older karaoke manufacturers. We want you to rank older karaoke discs to allow collectors to make sound buying decisions. Also, this will help establish what karaoke fans consider the better ones.

Commercial CDG Karaoke Directory: In Summary

Now that the commercial CDG karaoke directory is complete, it should not change too much. We believe all current and previous labels are in the above list. Indeed, most corresponding songbooks will not change too much, either.

The karaoke songbooks for labels that currently produce karaoke may change over time. We rely on members to help us update the songbooks, so keep sending in newly released karaoke IDs. Also, keep them in this order: disc/track ID number, artist, title.

Karaoke directory - all manufacturers rated.

Moreover, if you can send us an image of the CDG label, it will help further. Our aim is to inform the karaoke-buying public about what is out there!