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Digital Karaoke Directory Introduction

Our digital directory is specially designed to eliminate duplications in your karaoke collection. Of course, this will save you money in the long term.

Most commercial karaoke manufacturers will give a number to the tracks they make. This is so they can keep track of things. However, when they sold disc versions, many of their series’ had duplications. For example, Chartbuster Karaoke has the song Help Me, Rhonda, by the Beach Boys on eight separate discs. Indeed, there may be more!

In the example above, one is an MPX version (Multiplex with guide vocals). So, that means the song is listed nine times. Of course, you may want both the MPX and the traditional version. Therefore, we show which version has an MPX variant.

It may well be that some duplications are recorded differently, and you want both versions. Again, we show this information too. That ensures that you can get hold of the version you require.

Our digital directory below has links to further information. In addition, each label has a downloadable songbook available to all members. We also have the following directories that may interest you:

  • English CDG Karaoke Directory
  • Homemade Karaoke Directory
  • International Karaoke Directory
  • Video Karaoke Directory

Of course, the links below will take you to information about the manufacturer. There, you will find links to the songbooks of the disc series (if any) and the corresponding digital version.

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Avoid Duplication

Our digital karaoke directory helps you avoid duplicating songs in your collection. However, this may only apply to those who use a laptop for their karaoke gigs. Of course, many people now use karaoke systems at home, and digital files will be ideal for those.

You will notice a difference immediately once you load your digital karaoke files into your software. For instance, you will see most karaoke songs from a particular manufacturer only once. However, on some occasions, you may see two. That is because there may be different versions by the same manufacturer.

Where there are two versions, you may see the reasons why. For example, there may be two dates to show a remake.

Are Discs Better Than Digital?

Karaoke Info has been online since 2014 (formerly Karaoke Shack). Furthermore, all our staff are retired DJs/KJs, and we use disc-based karaoke systems. Because of that, and the fact that CDGs will always be a better medium, we hardly promoted laptop systems. However, laptop karaoke systems are now in use by the vast majority of KJs.

If you go down the Digital Karaoke route, it doesn’t mean you have to throw away your discs. For example, you could rip them yourself and add the MP3+G files to your digital system. Also, many systems allow you to play digital and conventional karaoke discs.

So, are CDG discs better than digital karaoke? We leave that question open to you!

Summing Up The Digital Karaoke Directory

Our extensive karaoke directories allow visitors to see the various karaoke manufacturers. Not only that, but our members can download unlimited songbooks.

If you go for the digital karaoke files, use our songbooks for your gigs, home use or a reference. They will help you keep track of all your digital karaoke files. You can tick them off as you go, and it will help you build up your catalogue.

While we are slightly biased towards a disc-based karaoke system, we understand the need for a laptop-based variant. Therefore, use the information available at Karaoke Info. That way, you can fine-tune your needs.

There are still many different karaoke formats to choose from. But if you go down the digital route, Karaoke Info will be available to help you on your way.

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