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You may submit a post to the Karaoke Info website here, but please read the information below first. If your post is below 100 words, please consider posting in the Karaoke Forum.

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Subjects To Write About

All members can post an article if it is relevant to karaoke or music. However, you need to be a member to post at Karaoke Info. So please check out the membership levels first (free membership is available).

Once you join the Karaoke Info website, here are a few ideas that you can write about:

  • News: any article that has a connection to karaoke is acceptable.
  • Karaoke Hardware or Software: you can review these or tell us about your experiences with them.
  • Venues and Gigs: your experiences, how to set them up.
  • Karaoke Business: You can also advertise your karaoke business free of charge once you become a member.
  • Music or Songs:  as long as there is some connection to karaoke. For example, you may compare original songs to karaoke tracks. Perhaps you might like a song that has no corresponding karaoke track yet.

Of course, by using the form above, you may tell us about any relevant subject. However, you should not copy and paste articles from other websites. Instead, write a few hundred words yourself. However, you can take snippets from elsewhere but post a link to the website where you saw the original work.

How To Prepare To An Article

The first thing to remember is that anything that you submit must be your work. By all means, make your articles as imaginative as you like. However, do not copy and paste too much of what you find elsewhere on the internet.

For example, say you find an interesting article on the internet that you want to write about. Simple, all you need to do is tell us in your own words or your interpretation. So think of it as improving the original article!

You can copy and paste the odd sentence or paragraph for a discussion (“fair use“), but not the whole article. We will have no option but to delete all lengthy copy-and-paste articles.

Start Writing Karaoke Info

Another essential point is to keep everything as simple as possible. Also, please note that the article should be of a reasonable length. In essence, aim for a minimum of 300 words.

Should you not have enough words to make a decent post, consider posting in our Karaoke Forum. All you need to do there is create a new thread.

How To Submit A Karaoke Post

You will want your post to reach an audience, of course. With this in mind, your content should have a minimum of 300 words. Moreover, ensure the content has plenty of good content that is searchable.

Filling Out The Form

  • Add your email address (we do not publish this)
  • Ensure that you fill in a title for your post
  • Choose an appropriate category from the drop-down menu
  • Add an image if you need to (maximum of two images)
  • Fill in the unique content we spoke about above. Your article should also be over 300 words long
  • Complete the simple challenge question if one pops up
  • Press submit
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Add Video When You Submit A Post

You may also add a video when you submit a post. If you use YouTube videos, post the URL address in the content area. Once we publish your work, your video will appear in your article. Of course, the main point is the content, which should have as much detail as possible.

Where is My Post?

Of course, you will want to access your posts once you use the ‘Submit A Post’ feature. So, you will need to know how to find them. If you are new to Karaoke Info, then your posts will be subject to moderation before we publish them.

With this in mind, you can do a few things:

  • Firstly, you can search Karaoke Info.
  • Secondly, see if your post has gone live by viewing the Karaoke Blog. In general, posts from trusted members go live immediately. Therefore, a quick check-in on the blog will see your blog post at the top, as this is the position of the last post.

Should you not find your newly submitted post, it is probably in the moderation queue. In this case, call back in a few hours and check. This is because of the amount of spam that floats around the web. However, once the moderation team has viewed them for spam, you will see them.

Once you successfully submit two posts, your other posts go live immediately.

Original Blog Post

We reserve the right to amend any post where we think it necessary. But, generally speaking, we will preserve your original blog post as much as possible.

If you want to credit another person with your article, say so, and we will carry out your wish. You can nominate a staff member if you wish to remain anonymous.

Cartoon girl singing

You are here because you are interested in karaoke and want to help other like-minded people. Therefore, please ensure that you stick to the guidelines we outlined above. If you do, your original content should be sufficient for the Karaoke Info Blog.

Content Violation

The Karaoke Info website and forum exist for obvious reasons. With this in mind, our members will post with the best intentions. However, please tell us if you believe our guidelines are broken.

Submit a Karaoke Post in the Forum

Finally, it’s worth noting that our massive Karaoke Forum is another place to submit relevant articles. However, it is a public forum open to all, so anything goes, but we prioritise karaoke.

Generally speaking, use the Karaoke Blog here if you wish to post a longer, more informative article. In contrast, use the Karaoke Forum for short, informative articles. With the forum being open to anyone, anything becomes reality.