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FAQ Introduction (Page 1)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about karaoke that pop up from time to time.

If you have a question about karaoke, let us know.

We may post the answer on these FAQ pages, depending on what sort of query it is.

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Generally speaking, if our answer is complex, we may create a new information post. This section, therefore, deals with basic Q&A.

Q1) What is karaoke?

A1) Karaoke is a way of playing a song with no lead vocals. Then you sing along to them. In effect, you become the lead vocalist. Of course, there are on-screen lyrics you use as a prompt.

Q2) Is karaoke equipment expensive?

A2) Unfortunately, the top-of-the-range stuff that karaoke jockeys usually use is, but there are alternatives. For example, there are portable karaoke disc players that you can use with your TV.

Q3) Does portable karaoke equipment work well for the home?

A3) You will have a bit of a laugh, but the sound will not impress many people.

Try hooking the portable player to a powerful Hi-Fi or amplifier. That may indeed be a better option.

Cheap Karaoke Player With Screen

Q4) What type of karaoke discs should I buy?

A4) Most karaoke discs available are CDG (CD+G). Of course, this means it is a standard CD plus graphics. So, unless your machine can read all the information on the disc, you will only hear the music.

Q5) Does Karaoke Info sell karaoke discs?

A5) No. Karaoke Info does not sell karaoke discs or tracks, but maybe in the future. Indeed, we are mainly an information site. We wish to help those with karaoke at heart.

Members can buy and sell for free at Karaoke Info in the forum or the classified section.

Q6) Will karaoke discs play on my home computer, PC, or laptop?

A6) Not the way you would like them to. You will possibly hear the music but not see the lyrics. There are a few programs that will allow this, of course. So, the best option is to open a thread in the Karaoke Forum and ask for opinions.

Q7) Which karaoke discs are the best?

A7) The whole point of this website is so others can give opinions. With this in mind, check out the massive Karaoke Directory. From there, you will see what others say about the discs and how well people rate them.

We encourage people to buy new karaoke discs and tracks directly from current manufacturers. Then, select others from the used market after reading information about them.

Q8) What does it mean when you talk of karaoke labels?

A8) The labels we speak of are also the makers. Therefore, labels like Sunfly, Zoom, and Mr Entertainer, which we are all familiar with, are the labels. In other words, the karaoke makers.

Q9) Do the different labels have the same songs on their karaoke discs?

A9) There will be some karaoke labels making the same song. Some may even release it together. So you could end up with a few duplications if you buy many discs.

The tracks that come from different manufacturers may sound completely different. If you think some songs sound better on one karaoke label and not the other, let us know on the blog or forum.

Q10) How can I save money when buying karaoke discs? Also, how can I avoid song duplications?

A10) Of course, there are very few karaoke producers around today. So, if you are buying new karaoke discs, it may make sense to subscribe to one label.

For example, you could choose Sunfly or go for the Zoom collection. Then, if you have enough money left, check what tracks are on other discs. The other option is to buy digital downloads from places like SBI and buy individual tracks.

The second-hand market is healthy right now, and there are many bargains if you look carefully. Online auction sites such as eBay have thousands of discs to buy. Of course, you could try Amazon, etc. Then there are garage or car boot sales.

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The Karaoke Info website lists all the labels, of course. We did that with the help of many karaoke jockeys (KJs) who supplied us with their songbooks. Indeed, we show all the tracks available on each disc. Furthermore, visitors can download the karaoke songbook books and discover what is best for them.

Q11) My music CDs are damaged easily. Therefore, my question is, will karaoke discs get damaged similarly?

A11) Indeed, CDGs will suffer damage if mistreated. So, never touch the CD surface with anything, including your fingers. Less cleaning is better. But if you must clean them, use a soft cloth and water. Surface scratches can make the CD skip, of course.

It is important to remember that most karaoke players will still play karaoke discs with surface marks.

Pile of CDGs or CDs.

For example, some karaoke discs will still play even if they have fingerprints or surface scratches. However, when you start collecting karaoke discs, you will soon see it becoming an expensive hobby.

It makes sense to look after your investment, of course. Also, remember, when you sell karaoke discs, the condition of your discs will determine the price you get. Other factors come into the equation as well.

Q12) What are the best CD/DVD drives to rip and burn karaoke discs to help preserve the originals?

A12) At Karaoke Info, we have a section devoted to the subject. Indeed, click on the Burners tab above or click here.

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