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Karaoke Cloud Introduction

Karaoke Cloud is still alive and kicking. They offer a monthly subscription service and release tracks regularly. In other words, you can sign up for their services and access their karaoke catalogue.

Once you sign up with Karaoke Cloud, you can download tracks to your PC or hard drive. However, you will not be able to use these tracks conventionally.

Indeed, you need to use one of their karaoke players due to coding.

Karaoke Cloud - KCDCPR1307.

In other words, they have control, and you are renting the karaoke tracks. But they will sell you karaoke tracks if you want to own them.

With your song bank in place, you can play the tracks on the player. But only as long as your subscriptions are up-to-date. They also offer a streaming service to play their karaoke tracks on your laptop, PC or smart TV. However, you will need a reliable internet connection.

By and large, they use karaoke tracks made by various companies. For instance, they use karaoke tracks from Sunfly, Mr Entertainer, SBI, DK Karaoke and Stage Stars. However, some may have the Karaoke Cloud splash screen.

Pros And Cons

KCDC1303 - Country Music Release.

On the positive side, you gain access to thousands of karaoke songs. On the negative side, there may be other costs.

Furthermore, the agreement states that fees may apply. In reality, they are promoting premium services.

For the most part, Karaoke Cloud may appeal to a new business, for example, someone wishing to become a karaoke jockey (KJ). Traditionally, karaoke jockeys preferred physical discs (CDGs), but that trend is changing.

Remember, all their tracks are available on other karaoke labels. Of course, they are identical to what you can get elsewhere. So, weigh up the pros and cons of using this service first.

Collecting The Info

In brief, we shouted out to members and visitors who had dealings with this firm. Despite this, we only had one reply (2014). However, he did send in his songbook. From that, we were able to compile the initial data. Since then, others have contributed to the data. So, if you can help update our information or songbook, drop us a line.

Some DJs and KJs would list the monthly releases like traditional CDGs in the early days. For example, KCDPR1301-01, KCDPR1301-02, and so on. Since the tracks are downloadable, our songbooks list them in digital format. Of course, the prefixes are KCD.

Karaoke Cloud Review

You can start a business immediately without owning karaoke tracks in the cloud.

While the benefits of using a system like this are many, there is a negative side. For example, you are just renting everything unless you buy the tracks.

Karaoke Info always promotes the use of karaoke disc-playing systems. However, we appreciate that computerized karaoke systems and streaming services serve a purpose.

Karaoke Cloud song downloads.

Because the tracks come from the biggest name manufacturers, it is a hit with the Karaoke Info staff. But what do you think?

With this in mind, do you wish to help one firm that sells another company’s product? Indeed, would it not be best to go directly to the original karaoke maker? Let us know your thoughts, because your opinions count!

Karaoke Cloud Songbook

Of course, we have a song list to go with the monthly releases. In short, click the link below to access or download the songbook as a PDF file. Our songbooks come in three formats, ATD, DAT and TAD, but you can download all of them.

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