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Video Karaoke Directory Introduction

Our vast karaoke video directory gives you information about the best manufacturers. Furthermore, each label has a full-page spread complete with a list of discs, and we review every one.

Of course, the video karaoke labels could be LaserDisc, DVDs, VCDs or MP4s. Indeed, we have an article about the different karaoke formats here. That is so you understand what you are buying.

We also have the following directories that may interest you:

  • Commercial Karaoke Directory
  • Digital Karaoke Directory
  • Homemade Karaoke Directory
  • International Karaoke Directory

The following links will take you to the relevant info page. If you want to review the karaoke videos yourself, please do so. Furthermore, all the karaoke video makers in the following list have a songbook to download (members only).

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Video Karaoke Directory: Disclaimer

Since the staff here are now retired KJs and DJs, we rely on members and visitors for their input to this karaoke video directory. During our days as karaoke jockeys, we only ever used CDGs. In other words, we never used anything other than traditional karaoke discs.

Since retirement, we have experienced many different karaoke formats, including these video discs. Indeed, we started a collection because we think they are decent additions and give variation.

While we try to buy more video discs to sample, please give us your opinions if you have experience with them. Also, if you have further information about any karaoke format, send us details and we can update the database.

Video Karaoke Discs For Sale

Although most video karaoke disc manufacturers have long since folded, they leave behind many discs. Of course, you can still buy them, but you may have to dig deep.

Online auction sites like eBay are the obvious destination to buy video karaoke discs. But there are many other places to buy second-hand karaoke discs. Indeed, our last check got us a factory-sealed Pioneer LaserDisc.

Many Pioneer Laser Discs.

So you can see there is a collectors market out there, and plenty still exist.

We particularly like those karaoke discs that show the live bands. Of course, we are always looking for more. Singing along to bands such as The Beatles as they are on-screen is fantastic. Then, there are many live performances from the irreplaceable Bee Gees.

Compiling The Data

Karaoke Info has so much in our database. Indeed, it’s challenging to keep up with it all. However, we are constantly updating everything. So, if you know of any information that we are missing, let us know.

We are still looking for discs not on our list and a list of artists and song titles they contain. Of course, a label will help us clarify things.

Have Your Say!

Of course, you can comment on all of our articles. You can also rate each label using our star rating system. This will help others decide whether to seek out the discs to buy them. We also have a massive forum where you can chill out with other like-minded karaoke fans.

To Sum Up

Our vast karaoke video directory will help you find more information about this format. Whether you use these discs at a karaoke gig or at home, we are sure you will enjoy most of them. That is because most scored highly with our reviewers. Finally, if you can help us in any way, you are welcome to do so.