Download Karaoke Songbooks

You can download karaoke songbooks for free when you join us. Here, we will explain what a karaoke songbook is and why you need one. Of course, songbooks are necessary at karaoke venues, as they show, at a glance, what songs you have available.

Each karaoke manufacturer we list in our directory has an accompanying songbook. All members can download a karaoke songbook at will. You can also choose to customise your karaoke songbooks.

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What is a Karaoke Songbook?

This is a question we have to answer quite regularly. In brief, a karaoke songbook is a list of karaoke songs you can read on a device or in print form. Indeed, this is just like an ebook or a physical book.

Most people understand this ATD format: original Artist, song Title, and Disc ID. In other words, the list will start with the original artists, the song title, and the disc identity. The latter refers to the physical karaoke disc, so you can easily find that track.

For example, let’s say you own the complete collection of the Sunfly Hits Series. You now need to know what tracks are on these discs. In this case, you need a list (or songbook) of all the karaoke songs in that particular collection.

With this in mind, Karaoke Info has made things easy and allows you to obtain the songbooks here. Indeed, we can even personalise them with your name on them!

Of course, most of our songbooks are for the discs released by various manufacturers. However, we also produce digital karaoke songbooks. They are similar, but they help eliminate dupes from your karaoke collection.

For example, the Legend Karaoke series has many dupes across its disc series. We found the Bill Withers song, Lean On Me, on five separate discs on that label. Sometimes, this happens if the firm wants to improve its last version. But more often than not, it is to sell more discs.

Once we get a manufacturer’s prefix for these tracks, we compile a digital list and keep the best version. However, if there are distinct differences, we may include them. For instance, we may list a long and short version of Don McLean’s American Pie. As every DJ/KJ knows, some people are better off with the short version of that song!

Of course, if you rip your discs to a hard drive, you can use either songbook. However, you can now give them a digital number and shorten your karaoke songbook. We determine the digital prefix by the manufacturer’s code. However, we may design them ourselves if the maker no longer exists.

All karaoke users will benefit from the digital versions. This applies to home users and DJs/KJs. For instance, a KJ will see just one song from each label instead of many. Thus making the selection quicker. Of course, if you print songbooks for your karaoke gigs, think of the savings there!

Karaoke Songbooks Are Free For Members

The purpose of our Karaoke Info Network is to entertain and inform. Of course, running and maintaining our website is not free. However, we do claw back some of our costs through membership fees. Therefore, you need to become a member to download our karaoke songbooks.

To simplify things, we have a few membership levels. We explain what benefits to expect from each on this page.

Songbook Printing

All of our karaoke songbooks are now in high-quality PDF form. In other words, you can print or view them in high quality. Of course, using a household printer for karaoke songbook printing is good enough.

Personalised Karaoke Songbooks

We also offer personalised karaoke songbooks to match your needs, subject to our terms and conditions. Your songbooks can be up to 2,500 pages, and you only need to tell us what discs you need to log.

Each page in your songbook will have your name at the top, including your logo if necessary. This makes the book unique to you, of course.

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Personalise your karaoke songbooks.

Our personalised service is available to Silver or Gold Members. Making personalised karaoke songbooks is time-consuming, but your membership fees will help with our running costs.

Print Songbooks From The Karaoke Directory

Our karaoke directory shows all current and past karaoke makers. We also have links to the companies that still produce or once-produced songs we know and love.

We also give relevant information about the manufacturer’s label. Then, there is a link to view and download the songbook (members only).

The download button is at the bottom of each karaoke songbook page. Our songbooks look identical to how they will look on your device or if you print them off.

We show the disc identities on the individual karaoke manufacturers’ page. We also give as much information about the makers themselves. However, let us know if you have further information about these karaoke companies.

Download Karaoke Songbooks: In Summary

Karaoke Info exists because a few dedicated retired KJs want to help others in the karaoke world. As previously noted, we operate on a shoestring. However, we have been around since 2012 (as Karaoke Shack).

We survive on advertisements, memberships and donations. This Karaoke Songbooks download section helps because it generates new members. Of course, you can still donate towards Karaoke Info in whatever amount you like.