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Rate The Karaoke Maker

You can now rate the maker of the karaoke labels that you know and love. But you can also vote for obscure ones using our sample videos.

Indeed, by rating the individual karaoke manufacturers, you are recommending others buy CDGs from that label. All with just the click of the mouse!

Our star rating system has yellow stars that you control. You can rate a karaoke manufacturer between one and five stars. That helps other karaoke collectors decide which is best for them. That is because it gives people an instant idea of how a karaoke disc manufacturer performs.

You do not need to register on our website to vote either. So, if you like a particular label, such as the Zoom Karaoke label, you can vote for it. But please rate as many as you can from our karaoke directory.

Rate Karaoke Labels

What do we mean when we say “rate the maker”? Well, Zoom is a karaoke label, and so is Sunfly. Therefore, voting for a karaoke label means that you rate the maker!

Register here at Karaoke Info and review the manufacturers, because a review will help other collectors far better. But our star rating system will also help. So, if you are only browsing our website and love an individual karaoke label, why not give it the thumbs up?

Rating System

Five Yellow Stars.

The rating system has yellow stars on a scale of one to five. At first, the stars are white with a yellow outline. But when you hover your mouse over each one, you will see the stars turn solid yellow. The rating code for the stars is as follows:

  • 1 Star: Awful
  • 2 Stars: Poor
  • 3 Stars: Average
  • 4 Stars: Good
  • 5 Stars: Excellent

As you can see, the rating scale is easy to understand, so go ahead and click on the one that is most appropriate, in your opinion.

We remind you that some karaoke companies were responsible for producing hundreds of CD+G discs. Indeed, they may have labels that appear to have a separate identity. For example, Pocket Songs has various “labels” like Just Tracks and Stage Stars. In this case, we only allow one vote for the parent company.

If you find a label like this, there will always be a link to the parent company. That is so that you can give a fair vote. It will only take two seconds to do this. But if you like the label, go ahead and give it your approval.

Number Of Ratings

The following graph shows the total number of ratings for all manufacturers featured on Karaoke Info:

4.2 out of 5 stars (based on 557 reviews)
Very good32%

Review or Rating?

Of course, the rating system will never replace our good old-fashioned review for each label. But it will allow those who don’t wish to join the site to vote for the karaoke companies.

Also, you may have limited experience with individual karaoke manufacturers. In this case, we may show a sample video from the makers. Therefore, with the numerous karaoke companies we review here, you should see some examples of their work. So, the odd vote here and there will always be welcome.

In short, the voting panel is at the bottom of each karaoke manufacturer, and anyone can vote. We would prefer you to give some feedback or information as you rate the makers. Indeed, there is an option to do this in the box below the rating system.

The stars you give will help with a quick visual impression, while your opinions will help tell people what you like or don’t like about the makers.

The Karaoke Forum is also in full swing. So, you can do a review there too. Indeed, the Karaoke Forum is for like-minded people to chat and interact.

Rate The Maker—In Summary

We aim to help those who love karaoke. Not only the professional Karaoke Jockey (KJ) but also the casual home user.

With this in mind, we welcome everyone and anyone, as long as you like karaoke.

Finally, we have more or less started from scratch again with the new domain name. So, we welcome old and new members alike. Love karaoke? Love Karaoke Info!

Animated old people karaoke singing.

All are equal here, so please do your best to help us develop the karaoke community again. Of course, in our very own unique style, too!

Of course, Karaoke discs (CDGs) are our currency and always will be. However, you can also rate the digital download websites. We have introduced this rating system so you can ‘rate the karaoke maker’ and, in the process, help others.

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