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Pied Piper Homemade Karaoke Introduction

We list over 550 MP3+G tracks in our songbook from Pied Piper Homemade Karaoke. According to our information, the prolific homemade producer still makes karaoke songs.

Indeed, our sources tell us that the maker has been producing karaoke long before many others. However, the maker uses a vocal reducer for production. Therefore, we can’t imagine they will perform as well as those who use proper backing tracks. Indeed, they will never be better than the commercial karaoke manufacturers.

The prefix is PPK and has no series as such. So, we list the sequence below. Further down, you may click on the songbook to see all the tracks in detail.

  • PPK01 to PPK155.

Download A Pied Piper Homemade Karaoke Songbook

We have an eight-page songbook (over 550 entries) to accompany the karaoke prefixes above. However, you must be a logged-in member to view or download the songbook. So please consider joining us.

Unlike the primary commercial karaoke directory, the homemade sets mainly have one songbook, which is ATP (Original Artist, Song Title, Makers Prefix). However, if your membership status entitles you, ask us to make two more versions.

The first track in the songbook is PPK001-01 – Holly Dunn – A Wonderful Savior, but there are hundreds more.

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Pied Piper Songbook ATP
Pied Piper Songbook ATP
Size: 39.1 KB
Version: 2023-08-06

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