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Xtreme Professional Karaoke Introduction

The Xtreme Professional Karaoke label no longer produces CDGs. However, the discs that they did make are still available online.

Indeed, we saw many at various places online, such as eBay and Amazon. Not only that, but we saw some ‘new’ discs in cellophane wrappers. Granted, that was in 2015, but the internet can come up with surprises from time to time!

The used discs are a lot cheaper, of course. But ensure they are in excellent condition. In other words, ask before you part with your money!

Xtreme Professional Karaoke - XTA037 - CDG Front Cover - Neil Diamond.

To make our karaoke information available for publishing, we asked karaoke jockeys (KJs) to send the disc IDs (prefixes) they use in their songbooks. It surprised us when all the lists came in because we had a lot of information to sift through. However, it was worth it because this firm no longer makes karaoke tracks, so the lists shouldn’t change.

Of course, you will want to know if the offerings from Xtreme are any good. Well, first of all, we will list all the CDGs. Then, we will publish more info and reviews so you can decide whether to buy or avoid them.

Xtreme Professional Karaoke Discs

There are a small number of series in this collection, so we list them as a PDF file below.

You may download the list of Xtreme Professional discs above, but the songbooks are for members only. So, why not join us?

Xtreme Professional Karaoke Review

Xtreme Professional Karaoke - XPK103 Disc.

Of course, a brand name with “Professional” in the title suggests quality. So, how do these CDGs perform?

We will proceed with the review, and this should be easy because many of the staff here at Karaoke Info have complete sets!

The splash screen opens with the company logo and then the song title. There are identical graphics when the song ends, too. But at least you get something. Some karaoke firms show nothing at the end, of course.

The on-screen lyrics are big and bold, with very few timing issues. However, on the odd occasion, they could have advanced slightly quicker.

The choice of backing music was decent, we thought. The sound has a good beat and is as bright as a button. Indeed, our sample tracks had a lot of top-end, and we liked it that way.

Karaoke Song Sample

Although we may use numerous songs for the review, we only provide one sample video to represent the label. So, the song sample for our video presentation is XTA001-25 – The Four Seasons – Walk Like A Man.

Videos are subject to change!

Our Verdict

  • On-screen Lyrics: 4.5
  • Music Content: 4
  • Splash Screen, Graphics, Video: 4
  • Cover Art: 3.5
  • Overall Average: 4
  • Music And Lyrics Average: 4.25

We gave this collection 4 out of 5 in the rating system below. You can also vote for these, even if you don’t have the discs or tracks. Indeed, all you need to do is watch our presentation video above and judge that.

Desirability Factor

We adore this small collection, and we think you will, too. So, without any doubt at all, we recommend these discs. They are acceptable for gigging and home use.

We can’t possibly test every track on these discs, of course. So, if you have any, let us know your thoughts and opinions. For example, do you agree with our review, or have you got any issues with these CDGs?

To Sum Up

On balance, the Xtreme Professional Karaoke producers made numerous karaoke discs. Of course, we take our hats off to the makers.

We love karaoke, and so do you. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. As you can see, we do recommend these CDGs.

Since these discs were quite popular at karaoke venues, they sold well in their time. Indeed, you can still buy these online. However, they are usually second-hand discs.

If you take the plunge and buy a few of these discs because of the info and reviews here at the Karaoke Info website, please call back and tell us.

XPS1 Front Cover.

We like these discs and have no doubts about playing them at a karaoke gig. They will work on portable karaoke systems, of course.

We say that you can buy with confidence. All in all, remember that you were a beginner too. Your input here will indeed help future karaoke collectors. In effect, by giving us your opinions, you will let others know what karaoke label is good to buy.

Karaoke Songbook

Not only do we list the disc identity numbers (prefixes) for the Xtreme Professional Karaoke series, but we also have the songbooks to download. You can view or download the songbooks by clicking the button below.

There are three songbooks available in our downloads section. These are available as a PDF file (Title, Artist or Disc ID first). Of course, you can download all three if you need them!

Rate The Xtreme Professional Karaoke Label

Finally, if you have any experience with discs or tracks from this Xtreme collection, please leave a review here or in the Karaoke Forum. You can also use the star rating system below, even if you only use our presentation video as a guide. Indeed, by doing this, you can help others decide whether these discs are worth buying!

Overall Rating

The ratings here represent your score and our score combined. So, make sure you have your say.

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good33%

Independent Reviews

The following reviews are independent and not necessarily the views of the Karaoke Info staff. However, they may help you decide whether to buy or avoid them.

Official Review By Julie: Xtreme Professional Karaoke.

October 29, 2014

Hi, my name is Julie, and I conducted the original karaoke review above. Whether you agree or disagree, you can leave your review below.

Avatar for Julie Porter
Julie Porter

Nicely polished.

November 12, 2019

I was wondering whether to give Xtreme Karaoke four or five stars. I heard mine again and gave them five out of five because I’m like that. Seriously, though, I like these CDGs.

Avatar for Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith

Excellent sound.

April 9, 2017

I wish Xtreme made more karaoke discs.

Avatar for Val Oaks
Val Oaks

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