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Star Quest Karaoke Introduction

Star Quest Karaoke is yet another set of CDGs from those heady days when labels started to flood the market.

All in all, we know of just eight discs in this series. Even though the Star Quest Karaoke firm has long gone, we found the eight-disc set available online in August 2014.

In May 2017, after an update on the Karaoke Info website, we found they were selling as a new purchase on Amazon. So, this shows that these labels will keep reappearing.

Star Quest Karaoke SQ0001 - Frank Sinatra CDG.

That check showed they sold for $29.99 in the US and £18.50 in the UK. They are also cheaper on eBay. But we only saw used discs there, which wasn’t surprising since the company ceased production long ago. Second-hand CDGs are not a problem if they are in good condition. But it’s always worthwhile to ask questions before purchasing used discs.

In brief, nobody here at Karaoke Info has heard of the Star Quest Karaoke series. However, an Australian member on the old forums provided us with the discs for reviewing purposes.

Star Quest Karaoke Discs

To clarify, we list the Star Quest Karaoke disc ID numbers (prefixes) as he shows them in his songbooks. The prefixes look good, so most karaoke jockeys (KJs) will use these prefix numbers:

  • SQ0001
  • SQ0002
  • SQ0003
  • SQ0004
  • SQ0005
  • SQ0006
  • SQ0007
  • SQ0008

Star Quest Karaoke Review

When we set out to review the Star Quest Karaoke discs, we had no idea what to expect. However, they have songs by big-name artists such as Frank Sinatra, Cher, and the Bee Gees. So, they have to be good, yeah? Well, let’s find out!

Star Quest Karaoke SQ0008 Disc - Frank Sinatra Songs.

The splash screen has on-screen graphics that are big and bold. On it, you will read, “The Highest Quality Karaoke Star Quest Presents (Song Title)”.

The end screen says the same but replaces the song title with “Getting There Never Sounded So Good.”

The on-screen lyrics largely matched the beat on all our sample tracks. But we feel that on some occasions, there was a slight lag. In effect, there was nothing to complain about too much.

Indeed, the lag is hardly noticeable if you choose a song you know well. The abstract artwork on the sleeves is weird and meaningless. Meanwhile, the CDGs are plain and boring.

Karaoke Song Sample

Although we may use numerous songs for the review, we only provide one sample video to represent the label. So, the song sample for our video presentation is SQ0002-01 – Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time.

Videos are subject to change!

Our Verdict

  • On-screen Lyrics: 3.5
  • Music Content: 4
  • Splash Screen, Graphics, Video: 4
  • Cover Art: 3
  • Overall Average: 6.2
  • Music And Lyrics Average: 3.75

We gave this collection 4 out of 5 in the rating system below. You can also vote for these, even if you don’t have the discs or tracks. Indeed, all you need to do is watch our presentation video above and judge that.

Desirability Factor

We know there are better karaoke discs, but these may become collector’s items down the line.

While these discs are still available, we need as much information about them as possible. Of course, it doesn’t matter that they are pretty old. So, if you have this Star Quest Karaoke disc set, please consider writing a review about them yourself. That applies even if you only have the odd one.

Blowing Your Own Trumpet**

This is what is shown on the back of these karaoke discs.

“Within every song, there is an ambience that captures the audience and transcends musically to the heart and soul, a feeling that cannot be explained by musical notes and lyrical rhyme.”

The label continues, and we quote:

“We make karaoke albums, not karaoke discs.”

** Star Quest label statement.
SQ0006 - Josh Groban CDG.

Well, talk about blowing your own trumpet! But if you’ve got it, flaunt it. That’s what we say. Indeed, these discs get our famous seal of approval and are a collector’s item, especially if you have a complete set.

Star Quest Karaoke Songbook

You now have information and reviews about this karaoke series. So, you’ll need the track listings to accompany that. There are famous songs from some of the biggest stars in the music industry, and as we say, Star Quest did them proud.

Our songbook for this small collection of CDGs is on the next page (click the link below). It comes in the form of a PDF file that you can download. You can use it at your gigs or for cross-reference purposes, etc.

Karaoke disc collectors love a bargain, of course. With this in mind, if you find this collection and buy it because of our info and reviews, come back and tell us about them!

Rate The Star Quest Karaoke Label

Finally, if you have any experience with discs or tracks from this Star Quest collection, please leave a review here or in the Karaoke Forum. You can also use the star rating system below, even if you only use our presentation video as a guide. Indeed, by doing this, you can help others decide whether these discs are worth buying!

Overall Rating

The ratings here represent your score and our score combined. So, make sure you have your say.

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Very good100%

Independent Reviews

The following reviews are independent and not necessarily the views of the Karaoke Info staff. However, they may help you decide whether to buy or avoid them.

Official Review By Jacky: Star Quest Karaoke.

October 23, 2014

Hi, my name is Jacky, and I conducted the original karaoke review above. Whether you agree or disagree, you can leave your review below.

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Jacky Hargreaves

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