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Stage Stars Karaoke Introduction

Stage Stars Karaoke discs have a distribution credit to Pocket Songs (PS). Karaoke Info will leave this collection on a separate page because it has its own identity.

Many of these discs are clones of some PS discs, but you would expect this. We highlight those in the list of discs below, of course.

Also, as the title suggests, these CDGs concentrate on Broadway Musical Shows. The downside to this karaoke collection is that many discs have no graphics, not even a splash screen!

There is no need to introduce the PS label and their partners or other karaoke labels with links to the parent company.

Stage Stars Karaoke - STS6005 Front Cover.

That is because Pocket Songs Karaoke was a big concern. Indeed, we can safely say that if you see these Stage Stars Karaoke discs for sale anywhere, buy them. There may be no more Stage Stars Karaoke discs because the parent company ceased production. So, when you check these out on places like eBay, ask about their condition.

You can’t go wrong buying quality karaoke discs. That matters, especially if you run shows as a karaoke jockey (KJ).

Support The Makers

Stage Stars Karaoke still has a web presence selling the discs. But we found them rather expensive compared to other mainstream karaoke discs. Our advice is to shop around or purchase used versions of the discs. However, if you want new discs, please support the makers and buy from them first.

Red Stage Stars Karaoke Logo.

You can find a list of the Stage Stars Karaoke discs below, and we list them the way most KJs would list them in their songbooks.

We even publish the ‘also known as’ (aka) Pocket Songs versions as a reference guide.

In brief, use the first disc ID numbers (prefixes) that begin with ‘STS’ for Stage Stars Karaoke.

Stage Stars Karaoke Discs

  • STS0506, aka PS1599
  • STS0507
  • STS0508, aka PS1598
  • STS0509
  • STS0510
  • STS0511
  • STS0512*
  • STS0513
  • STS0514
  • STS0515
  • STS0516, aka PS1597
  • STS0517*
  • STS0518
  • STS0519
  • STS0520*
  • STS0521
  • STS6001
  • STS6002, aka PS1396
  • STS6003
  • STS6004
  • STS6005, aka PS1526
  • STS6006
  • STS6007
  • STS6008, aka PS1584
  • STS6009, aka PS1576
  • STS6010, aka PS1535
  • STS6011, aka PS1527
  • STS6012, aka PS1588
  • STS6013
  • STS6014, aka PS1645
  • STS6015*
  • STS6016
  • STS6017, aka PS1528
  • STS6018*
  • STS6019
  • STS6020
  • STS6021
  • STS6022
  • STS6023
  • STS6024
  • STS6025
  • STS6026
  • STS6027
  • STS6028, aka PS6162
  • STS6029, aka PS6164
  • STS6030
  • STS6031, aka PS1653
  • STS6032
  • STS7001
  • STSBS01

* No information, so assume they are not in existence.

Stage Stars Karaoke Review

As with all the other labels connected to the parent label, we just knew what to expect before we even started to review these discs. Indeed, apart from the non-graphics discs, this set did not disappoint.

The music accompaniment is as excellent as ever. Indeed, that would be difficult to fault. Our sample tracks on-screen lyrics, of course. But, to repeat, some had no wording whatsoever. The on-screen graphics are decent, where available, and in all our sample tracks, the on-screen lyrics matched the beat. The label’s excellent pedigree helps!

STS6005 Disc - Chicago.

Because half of our samples had no on-screen graphics, our test was a little shorter than usual. If the music is decent, then there’s no point in testing it on blank-screen tracks.

Also, remember that the parent company usually produced karaoke discs with vocal accompaniment. Some people don’t like CDGs with guide vocals, but in this case, without the on-screen lyrics, they come in handy for you to learn the songs.

The cover art is brilliant on the sleeves and the CDGs. Indeed, they are colourful and apt for the theme of the disc.

Karaoke Song Sample

Although we may use numerous songs for the review, we only provide one sample video to represent the label. So, the song sample for our video presentation is STS6019-15 – Pirates Of Penzance – I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General.

Our Verdict

  • On-screen Lyrics: 2.5
  • Music Content: 4
  • Splash Screen, Graphics, Video: 2.5
  • Cover Art: 4.5
  • Overall Average: 3.4
  • Music And Lyrics Average: 3.25

We gave this collection 3 out of 5 in the rating system below. The low score comes about because of the discs with zero on-screen lyrics. You can also vote for these, even if you don’t have the discs or tracks. Indeed, all you need to do is watch our presentation video above and judge that.

Desirability Factor

How can you possibly sing along to karaoke discs without on-screen lyrics? For that reason alone, we think there is no appeal to these karaoke discs whatsoever. You will find similar tracks with on-screen lyrics elsewhere.

It would be impossible for our staff to sample all the karaoke tracks in this series. So, if you have any, please leave your thoughts about them. We know many discs have no on-screen graphics, so apart from that, let’s give your unbiased opinions.

To Sum Up

Stage Stars Karaoke - STS6008 Disc - Bye Bye Birdie Show.

The Stage Stars Karaoke producers excelled with the Broadway stage shows. With good quality music, what an excellent combination for this niche market!

Have you got any of these Stage Stars Karaoke discs? Then let us know in the comments section below. Additionally, tell us about your experiences with them and how you liked them. Or indeed, if you dislike them!

In the long run, your review will go a long way toward helping future karaoke disc collectors.

Also, rate these discs if you have heard them. Moreover, check out the other independent karaoke labels and vote for your other favourites.

Stage Stars Karaoke Songbook

Now that you have the information and reviews for these Stage Stars Karaoke discs, you need to see what songs are on them. Indeed, you can also check out which karaoke disc covers which Broadway musical show. With this in mind, click the link below and check out the track listing.

If you like what you see in the list of discs above and our songbook, pop over to their website and buy a few. If you do, consider returning and writing a review for future karaoke disc collectors.

Rate The Stage Stars Karaoke Label

Finally, if you have any experience with discs or tracks from this Stage Stars collection, please leave a review here or in the Karaoke Forum. You can also use the star rating system below, even if you only use our presentation video as a guide. Indeed, by doing this, you can help others decide whether these discs are worth buying!

Overall Rating

The ratings here represent your score and our score combined. So, make sure you have your say.

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Independent Reviews

The following reviews are independent and not necessarily the views of the Karaoke Info staff. However, they may help you decide whether to buy or avoid them.

Official Review By Jacky: Stage Stars Karaoke

October 22, 2014

Hi, my name is Jacky, and I conducted the original karaoke review above. Whether you agree or disagree, you can leave your review below.

Avatar for Jacky Hargreaves
Jacky Hargreaves

Five yellow stars.

February 17, 2015

The official review from Jacky is fine, but some people want these discs for what they are!

Avatar for Robert Duval
Robert Duval

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  1. It’s a common misconception to say that Stage Stars are by Pocket Songs.

    Stage Stars and Pocket Songs are two separate companies. All that Pocket Songs ever did was distribute the Stage Stars CDs.

    Although they both produced lots of the same Musicals, none of the recordings are identical. Actually, none of the disks are precisely the same. For example, some songs on a particular STS disk will be lacking from the PS one, and vice versa.

    In short, the AKAs that you are showing on this page should all be removed 🙂

  2. Since there is a little confusion over this issue, can we try and solve the mystery?

    Also, it would be good if those Stage Stars discs that are starred and unknown to exist could be either found or confirmed as never released.


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