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Paddyoke Karaoke Introduction

The Paddyoke Irish Karaoke label has two CDGs to its name. They are what they say they are on the tin!

Most of the information below is from a forum member who sent in his lists, a little information, and labels. However, one of our staff members visited the member and returned with a review.

We would still like to get hold of the discs ourselves. That is because we would like to have at least one of our staff’s own discs that we review.

Paddyoke Karaoke Disc One CDG Label - OKE20051-1.

Furthermore, we are unable to confirm whether these CDGs are commercially available. There is a lack of information with no trace of them on the internet. Also, on the CDG, the word “Disc” is not spelt correctly. So, we suspect they are “specially made.” Of course, if you know any better, you must inform us!

Paddyoke Karaoke Discs

The songs on these discs are all described as being traditional Irish. There are 17 tracks on each CDG, but the last two are identical on both discs. These are utility tracks. One is “Happy Birthday”, and the other is “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” The latter is just a collection of images with no music.

The disc prefixes are identical to what is on the CDG:

  • OKE20051-1
  • OKE20051-2

Paddyoke Karaoke Review

Since we couldn’t physically get hold of these CDGs, we can only print what an ex-staff member provided. Our verdict, therefore, reflects the information we have from those days.

The splash screen shows a big Irishman holding a pint of frothy beer. There is the name Paddyoke, with the song title and the date of 2005. The end screen is similar to the splash screen but with more info: “Custom-made tracks” and “Distributed by Platter Puss.”

OKE20051-2 Disc.

The on-screen lyrics are big and bold. The words are white on a black background. The on-screen lyrics then change to green as you sing along to them. That is appropriate for being Irish, of course.

The backing music is clear and bouncy, with the lyrics keeping up with the beat.

When it comes to the artwork, we give an average mark. That is because no current Karaoke Info staff member has a physical copy. So, if you have, give us a review!

Karaoke Song Sample

Although we may use numerous songs for the review, we only provide one sample video to represent the label. So, the song sample for our video presentation is OKE20051-2-04 – Irish Traditional – The Galway Shawl.

Videos are subject to change!

Our Verdict

  • On-screen Lyrics: 4
  • Music Content: 4
  • Splash Screen, Graphics, Video: 4
  • Cover Art: 3
  • Overall Average: 3.75
  • Music And Lyrics Average: 4

We gave this collection 3 out of 5 in the rating system below because we never saw any discs! So we rounded down instead of up. You can also vote for these, even if you don’t have the discs or tracks. Indeed, all you need to do is watch our presentation video above and judge that.

Desirability Factor

Our reviewer at the time gave these a decent score. However, at this stage, we still don’t know if these karaoke discs are commercially available. Be that as it may, it was a favourable review.

Don’t forget that many famous karaoke manufacturers have Irish songs in their disc collections. By using our comprehensive karaoke directory, you should find a lot more.

Irish Singer - Drunk.

To Sum Up

With these being “custom tracks”, someone may have had them made as a one-off. If so, you may not be able to acquire them! We can only print what we know from an ex-staff member, and we do so in good faith.

Of course, if you know more about this set, please comment below.

Paddyoke Karaoke Songs

You now have the information and reviews for this label. So, let us tell you what songs are on these discs. We list this information below. Usually, we show the artists first. But to stop the repetition, assume the songs are “traditional Irish”.

Disc One:

01: Fields Of Athenry
02: Moonshiner
03: Old Bog Road
04: Rose Of Clare
05: Dublin In The Rare Ould Time
06: Any Tipperary Town
07: Valley Of Slievelamon
08: These Are My Mountains
09: Black Velvet Band
10: Home Boys Home
11: All For Me Grog
12: Twenty-One Years
13: Dirty Old Town
14: Wild Rover
15: Flight Of The Earls
16: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day
17: Happy Birthday

Disc Two:

01: Old Flames
02: After All These Years
03: Forty Shades Of Green
04: Galway Shawl
05: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
06: Where The Three Counties Meet
07: Maggie
08: Spancil Hill
09: Four Country Roads
10: Mountains Of Mourne
11: Boston Burglar
12: Boys Of The County Armagh
13: Carrickfergus
14: Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down?
15: Irish Rover
16: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day
17: Happy Birthday

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Finally, if you have any experience with discs or tracks from this Paddyoke collection, please leave a review here or in the Karaoke Forum. You can also use the star rating system below, even if you only use our presentation video as a guide. Indeed, by doing this, you can help others decide whether these discs are worth buying!

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Official Review By Julie: Paddyoke Karaoke.

October 29, 2014

Hi, my name is Julie, and I conducted the original karaoke review above. Whether you agree or disagree, you can leave your review below.

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