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National Singing Championship Karaoke Introduction

The National Singing Championship Karaoke discs come from Sound Choice. So, this means quality without a shadow of a doubt.

This collection comes from the SC8xxx & SC9xxx Series. Indeed, in our list, we have their AKA numbers for cross-referencing.

See the sample image that shows the aka number, albeit in tiny figures. However, you can see the Sound Choice logo. Some call this series the National Singing Contest. They mean the same, but that is technically wrong.

National Singing Championships Karaoke NSC0991-1.

Listing Correction

These discs are one of the Sound Choice packs. However, some karaoke jockeys (KJs) list them as National Singing Championship Karaoke. They should be under the SC prefix, but this is down to personal preference. This collection has its very own page for a reason, of course. That is to inform people and for cross-referencing purposes.

In brief, these discs could have their own identity. However, the discs do make it known they are indeed SC Karaoke. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you understand they are one of the SC packs. Given these points, as a karaoke collector, you need to know these things to prevent duplicating your collections.

For example, let us say that you saw this collection on eBay as National Singing Championship Karaoke. Consequently, you think the discs are unique. Then, when you get them, you realise you have a handful of dupes. Of course, that is not the ideal situation!

So, if you have these tracks on SC discs, be careful if you see them advertised as a separate collection because they certainly are not!

National Singing Championship Karaoke Discs

To clarify, here is a list of discs we know about, together with their AKA prefixes:

NSC1999 Series

NSC2000 Series

  • NSC0991, aka SC9901
  • NSC0992, aka SC9902
  • NSC0993, aka SC9903
  • NSC0994, aka SC9904
  • NSC0995, aka SC9905
  • NSC0996, aka SC9906
  • NSC0997, aka SC9907
  • NSC0998, aka SC9908
  • NSC2000-01, aka SC8024
  • NSC2000-02, aka SC8025
  • NSC2000-03, aka SC8026
  • NSC2000-04, aka SC8027
  • NSC2000-05, aka SC8028
  • NSC2000-06, aka SC8029
  • NSC2000-07, aka SC8030
  • NSC2000-08, aka SC8031
  • NSC2000-09, aka SC8032
  • NSC2000-10, aka SC8033

National Singing Championship Karaoke Review

Because these discs are Sound Choice, there is no need for a review. That is because you know you have quality if you have any discs from this karaoke manufacturer. Be that as it may, nothing should stop you from discussing this SC pack below or in the karaoke forum if you need to.

The NSC Discs – In Summary

National Singing Championship Karaoke - NSC2000-03 Disc.

Although some DJs/KJs might list this collection as a separate entity, it should be listed under the SC prefix. Also, let us know if you have any other information about these discs.

We don’t need to publish a song list for these. That is because of two reasons. Firstly, it would waste our time. Secondly, you can cross-reference this collection in the Sound Choice songbook here.

However, if your membership permits, you may be able to request this specific songbook.

We’ve designed our rating system to help future karaoke collectors decide what is best for them. It allows people like you to vote for your favourite karaoke manufacturers from our massive directory. By doing so, collectors can see, at a glance, how much people think about the individual karaoke makers.

So, how do you rate this series? Because the National Singing Championship Karaoke is part of a larger group, you must vote generally. However, you can comment here or in the Karaoke Forum.

Overall Rating (For The Parent Company)

The ratings here represent the combined scores for the NSC and the SC. So, make sure you have your say below.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 20 reviews)
Very good10%

Use the form below to rate or review the National Singing Championship discs. You can also use this handy link to the voting and reviews section for the SC group. Your ratings and reviews here will go to that page, too. However, any comments you make below this page stay here.

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