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Keynote Karaoke Introduction

Keynote Karaoke has connections to the All-Star Karaoke label (ASK). With that pedigree, you know you will get quality karaoke tracks.

You should also note the similarity between the disc ID numbers (prefixes) and the ASK karaoke series. They are similar and have identical tracks, but have a unique label.

The KNK0xx, KNK10xx, and KNK15xx series only have one disc without vocals. In contrast, the KNK8xx we list here has two karaoke discs, with the second having guide vocals.

Keynote Karaoke - The Beatles - KNK1544.
Keynote Karaoke - KNK1544 Back Cover - The Beatles.

Intending to catalogue the Keynote Karaoke for future reference, we also asked karaoke jockeys (KJs) for their songbooks. Indeed, we had quite a bit of feedback.

But, as we see in the list below, there are gaps. So, can you help fill these, or did they never exist?

We would want a full track listing for any Keynote Karaoke disc, and an image would be great. Of course, that is so we can clarify the information.

Keynote Karaoke Discs

The following list of karaoke discs and their prefixes came from a forum member:

You may download the list of discs above, but only members can access the songbooks.

In short, those in the columns with an asterisk have two discs. As previously noted, one disc has guide vocals, while the other is traditional karaoke. There are karaoke users who like the vocal accompaniment tracks. Indeed, they are a means of learning songs. But some people think of them as a waste of space.

Keynote Karaoke Review

Although the sleeves and the CDGs have their own label as an identity, that’s where the buck stops. The splash screens, the on-screen graphics and the choice of backing music are the same.

Since these discs have a fine pedigree from the All-Star camp, they are well worth the outlay should you come across them. Of course, that only applies if you are not collecting the ASK sets.

Because these discs are almost clones, we don’t need to review them here. So, for more information, please refer to the parent page (details below). Also, if you have these CDGs and want to rate them, please use the rating system there. However, we will leave this page intact for reference purposes. Thus, in the future, Keynote Karaoke CDGs can easily be cross-referenced here.

To Sum Up

Because of possible song duplication, this collection may only interest the hardy karaoke collector. That is because they are just reworkings of the All-Star Karaoke series (ASK).

We would still like to know as much information as possible about this company, discs, and tracks. We also want to hear about your experiences with them.

Information about the quality of the musical content and on-screen graphics is vital so that others can decide whether to buy them.

Motown hits KNK1525 - CDG Label.

That is because Karaoke Info aims to help other collectors make sound, economic decisions before buying anything to do with karaoke. Avid karaoke disc collectors will grab these as and when they appear for sale, of course. But the casual karaoke buyer might need more information.

Indeed, those on a shoestring budget need to know if the Keynote Karaoke discs are worth the effort. However, if you decide to collect the ASK discs, then this collection would be an expensive, pointless exercise.

Songbook And Tracklisting

Keynote Karaoke Red Logo.

Because we list the disc IDs and prefixes, we also list the contents of the discs. With this in mind, we have the PDF songbook, which includes a full track listing of all the above Keynote Karaoke discs.

Due to these discs having a good pedigree, all the decent artists and songs are on these lists.

In short, click the link below to view or download the Keynote songbooks. Indeed, we have three available for your convenience (ATD, TAD & DAT).

Rate This Karaoke Label

To rate or review Keynote Karaoke, please use the form below. You can also use this handy link to the voting section for the ASK group. Your ratings and opinions here will go to that page, too. However, any comments you make below this page stay here.

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