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Jive Bunny Karaoke Introduction

This two-disc set has the Jive Bunny karaoke name attached to it. However, they are just a rebranded version of some Music Factory Karaoke discs from their Mastermix Series.

Correspondingly, there are 15 tracks on each disc. Of course, we list the disc ID numbers with their ‘AKA’ numbers.

Many people believe these discs are a unique series. Although they may appear so, they are not. We list these discs here so that you have current information.

Jive Bunny Karaoke Disc - JIVE001.

The images on this page are of Jive Bunny Karaoke discs one and two.

Jive Bunny Karaoke Discs

In brief, this set has the disc ID numbers (prefixes) as follows:

  • JIVE001, AKA MFM003.
  • JIVE002, AKA MFM004.

Jive Bunny Karaoke Review

We are not going to review these discs because they are duplications. If you want the review for these, visit the mother page.

Also, if you would like to vote on these, please do so there. However, you can still comment below if you have other information about these discs.

Jive Bunny Karaoke - JIVE002 Disc.

To repeat, they have the same karaoke tracks as their Music Factory counterpart. Why buy these CDGs if they are dupes?

There is no incentive to buy this set unless you are not collecting the Mastermix series. So, if you wish to purchase the Music Factory karaoke collection, think twice about these discs. Indeed, the only difference would be the label on the disc!

Some collectors may want this set for their unique labels, of course.

However, most of us refuse to have piles of discs with the same content. There may be other differences that evade us. In this case, let us know if there are some details about these CDGs that we have overlooked.

Your Opinion Matters

In essence, this small set of discs has its own identity. As such, they have their very own page here at Karaoke Info. Be that as it may, any scrap of information helps future karaoke collectors.

Therefore, anyone with additional information on these two discs can still do so here. Your views about the Music Factory collection will also help, of course.

Smart Bunny - The Karaoke Rabbit.

Songbook And Tracklist

We still have a songbook for this small series, of course. In short, click the link below to access it. You can use the songbook for your personal use. However, we also list these tracks in the Music Factory songbook.

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