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This information page is all about the City Entertainment Group Karaoke discs. In the first place, this collection is identical to the Chart Toppers Karaoke Series. In other words, they released the same number of karaoke discs, and all the tracks are the same.

Not only that, but the splash screen is identical. So, these two sets are the same, and we only list them because we had two different people send in the same information!

Of course, only the hardened karaoke collector would want both sets in their collection**. Generally speaking, many would see this as a waste of space.

City Entertainment Group Karaoke - Singing Man.

**We list this collection here because some may need to understand that they are duplications. Karaoke Info gathers details about such sets to help prevent confusion amongst collectors.

No Cover Art?

We have yet to see any cover art for this collection. Perhaps they were a digital download at some point, or they are fake? Whatever the reason for their existence, not many people want duplicated karaoke tracks.

On the other hand, all Chart Toppers have corresponding labels. So, unless we get further information, this City Entertainment Group list should only be for cross-referencing.

This set of disc prefixes differs slightly from the Chart Toppers. In other words, they have the extra G. Whereas Chart Toppers Karaoke is CT, City Entertainment Group is CTG.

City Entertainment Group Karaoke Discs

To clarify, here is the complete list of karaoke disc ID numbers (prefixes) for this set:

  • CTG001
  • CTG002
  • CTG003
  • CTG004
  • CTG005
  • CTG006
  • CTG007
  • CTG008
  • CTG009
  • CTG010
  • CTG011
  • CTG012
  • CTG013
  • CTG014
  • CTG015
  • CTG016
  • CTG017
  • CTG018
  • CTG019
  • CTG020
  • CTG021
  • CTG022
  • CTG023
  • CTG024
  • CTG025

Of course, with these being duplications of the CT series, you’ll see some classic songs from Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, and the Temptations.

City Entertainment Group Karaoke Review

We cannot possibly set out to review a karaoke series that is identical to another. That is especially true when all we have to go on is a set of disc prefixes and a songbook, which are also the same.

Since these ‘discs’ are duplications of another series that are easier to collect, we recommend going for the other collection and not bothering with these. However, if you want a review of these discs, check out their counterparts (link above).

Of course, if you have any further information on this collection, please drop us a line.

To Sum Up

So, if you have this series that we highlighted here, we would like to know. Although we have established that this ‘label’ is identical to another, are there any other differences?

Tell us what you know about this set.

Cartoon City Skyline.

Songbook And Tracklisting

Although we have a link to the song list, please be aware of the above information. With this in mind, click the link to inspect the songbook for the above list of discs.

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