Choi Kara Singing Booth. Private Karaoke Kiosks.

What is a Choi Kara Singing Booth?

In simple terms, Choi Kara is a private singing booth where you can sing karaoke songs until your heart is content. In other words, it is a karaoke kiosk for shy singers! Of course, anyone can use them.

Choi Kara Singing Booth. Sing karaoke songs in private.
Choi Kara Singing Booth. Sing karaoke songs in private.

To begin with, karaoke singers are usually entertainers in their own right. Of course, those people are not the least bit shy. Indeed, karaoke jockeys (KJs) take requests from audience members to sing on stage. Generally speaking, this is how things work. However, some people like to sing but are too shy to perform in public. With this in mind, the Choi Kara Singing Booth caters for shy singers.

Some people are reluctant to go to the pub or club to sing. These people may need another outlet, whether it’s because they are shy or have never sung in public. Of course, not everyone has karaoke facilities at home to try things out. In short, with the Choi Kara Singing Booth, everyone can sing their favourite songs in a purpose-made kiosk.

So, how do these people participate in the karaoke craze? After all, we want karaoke to be inclusive and not discriminate against shy people. Well, maybe these private singing kiosks are the answer.

We take our hats off to the Japanese for this great idea. After all, it was the Japanese who invented karaoke!

Telephone-box-like booths for singing karaoke songs in private.
Karaoke kiosks have now sprung up for shy singers in Japan.

Soundproof Singing Booth

The karaoke kiosks have been around since 2013 but have recently had a lot of publicity on the internet. The units have the name ‘Choi Kara’, which, in short, translates to ‘A Little Karaoke’. Of course, they are soundproof, so you can blast out your favourite karaoke song as loud as you like.

These kiosks can accommodate up to three singers at a push, but two karaoke singers will easily fit in. If you would like to visit the website for more information, you can do so here.

Future of the Choi Kara Singing Booth

Indeed, the Choi Kara Singing Booth is becoming increasingly popular in some countries on the Asian continent. But whether or not these karaoke booths will become popular in the rest of the world is debatable.

They could easily play their part at the amusement arcades and fairgrounds. With all the other noises in those places, these karaoke booths would have a role. At least they are private, unlike other entertainment gizmos in those places.

Of course, some people will find Choi Kara Singing Booths strange. But like everything else, we may soon see them as everyday items.

Generally speaking, Choi Kara can be a revelation for the shy singer with no karaoke player at home. Indeed, we may even see future superstars develop their talents in these telephone box-like kiosks. Anything that helps people come out of their shells when it comes to singing is welcome here at the Karaoke Info website.

To Sum Up

Although these singing kiosks are not so popular now, they may be in the future. However, we feel they will sit in the corner of an amusement arcade in the early days. But who knows? Maybe the queue will be a mile long for them in the future!

Finally, do these private singing booths appeal to you? Indeed, would you use them?

**Top image courtesy of w:User: FoxLad, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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