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Download An All-Star Karaoke Songbook

Once you become a member, you can view or download an All-Star Karaoke Songbook. There are three different styles available. This also applies to the digital version. Of course, you can download each one.

Formats and Pages

While the most common karaoke songbook formats are ATD and TAD, we list the DAT version for your convenience. Having greater flexibility like this allows for better cross-referencing, of course. However, because the song lists display information differently, each format may come in various page sizes, as follows:

  • ATD: 83 Pages
  • DAT: 126 Pages
  • TAD: 99 Pages
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Artist, Title, Disc (ATD)

Disc, Artist, Title (DAT)

Title, Artist, Disc (TAD)

**The songbooks above are due for an update soon.

Of course, the digital songbooks are much smaller. Why not consider turning your karaoke collections digital? Use our songbooks as a guide.

  • ATD: 44 Pages
  • DAT: 60 Pages
  • TAD: 61 Pages

Artist, Title, Disc (ATD)

Disc, Artist, Title (DAT)

Title, Artist, Disc (TAD)

** If you are looking for the download buttons, only those with full membership can access them. Non-members can’t download our karaoke songbooks, so if you wish to do this, please consider becoming a full member.

All-Star Karaoke Songbooks Info

The All Star Karaoke songbook shows all the songs on the discs we list on the mother page. The ASK label has many genres, from country to rock and pop.

Of course, we show the original artists. With so many big names, we wouldn’t know where to start. However, see the header banner above. You’ll see Billy Ray Cyrus and old heartthrob Bobby Darin. But there are many other big-name stars.

Blue ASK Logo.

Our songbooks are available to members only. So, if you want to download these songbooks, consider joining us.

If you find an error in any of our songbooks, no matter how small, let us know so we can correct it. With this in mind, we may frequently replace these books with up-to-date versions. So call back often and get the newest version.

Should we update any songbook from our massive karaoke directory, we will say so. We will also show the date at the bottom of the page and the reason for the improvement.

Of course, if we adjust the songbook, we will update the karaoke songs database.

This page contains the songbook downloads for all the discs we list on the parent page. You may need to cross-reference them both, of course. Therefore, this link will take you back to the All-Star Karaoke Info Page.

Don’t forget that we also have a massive Karaoke Forum to interact with other like-minded people socially.

Last Updated

We last updated this songbook information page in March 2024. The reason was to add new formats and slightly change the database.

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