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All Star Karaoke Introduction

This page refers to the commercial discs from All Star Karaoke. However, we also have details of the digital library for your convenience.

The All Star Karaoke label has stopped making discs. However, they still have an active website (2023). We review the company and, more importantly, how the discs perform.

With no new tracks made recently, we rely on their back catalogue. However, they have so many karaoke discs in their canon.

Also, they offer tremendous value for money because they cram on so many karaoke tracks! Indeed, check out the cover and see how they boast about their hybrid karaoke.

All Star Karaoke - ASK823 Front Cover.

What Is A Hybrid CDG?

You may notice that some disc sleeves show “Hybrid Karaoke.” These Hybrid Dual duty discs can not only play in a regular CDG Karaoke Player, but they can also play on your Personal computer using the MP3+G format.

Hybrid CDG is an advanced technology, of course. Usually, a traditional karaoke disc will not play on your PC or laptop. This technology is trademarked, so maybe the discs would cost more if they all had it. Numerous All-Star discs also offer Karaoke Edge, which is their computer game.

It sounds like a brilliant production company, but why did they suddenly stop making karaoke? If you know the answer, let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, we have a lot of info about this karaoke label. We also have our review of this karaoke label below. You can also review and rate this label!

Compiling The All Star Karaoke List

In the first place, we gave a shout-out for more information on the All Star Karaoke series. As usual, we had so many replies that it took forever to sort out all the data.

All Star Karaoke. ASK1544 Front Cover - The Beatles Greatest Hits.

Karaoke jockeys (KJs) sent us their disc prefix numbers and songbooks. Indeed, we got so much info that it became clear there was no uniformity with the disc prefixes. It also meant that the song lists were different.

However, after sifting through the lists, we did manage to compile a comprehensive catalogue, which you can see below. We list them the way that the majority of KJs would.

From time to time, this list was subject to change.

However, with the firm ceasing production, things have settled somewhat. We believe we have the most up-to-date and detailed All Star Karaoke catalogue ever.

Obviously, from now on, it will hardly change. But we may change things if a ‘missing’ disc turns up or there are corrections to the song titles, etc.

All Star Karaoke Discs:

Here we list all the All-Star Karaoke disc ID numbers as supplied by a few previous forum members:

You may download the three-page list of All-Star Karaoke discs, but the songbooks are only available to members. So, consider joining us and helping the karaoke world!

In addition to the above information, we understand the ASK label is the parent company of the BEST Karaoke label.

All Star Karaoke Review

According to feedback, All-Star Karaoke is famous for its attention to detail and quality. Thus, they appear to be of good value and a well-sought-after collection.

More often than not, the splash screens unreel from the right. They are pretty basic, but at least there is some movement. Unsurprisingly, the splash screens might display a few stars.

Of course, the song title is on display. We also found that the starting key is available in brackets to help you begin the song on the right note.

ASK9201 Disc - Hits of Brad Paisley Vol-2.

The end screen usually displays the writers and a little more info.

The choice of backing music was fine in our chosen samples and would easily be perfect for gigging or home use.

The lyrics are white and change to red as the song progresses on a blue background. This format continues across their entire collection but is clear and perfectly legible.

The artwork on the discs and sleeves varies a lot. You will not find too many the same, which sets them apart from some labels. Some have real people’s faces, but most have cartoonised images of people.

All Star Karaoke Sample

Although we may use numerous songs for the review, we only provide one sample video to represent the label. So, the song sample for our video presentation is ASK001-2-14 – The B-52s – Love Shack.

Our Verdict

  • On-screen Lyrics: 4
  • Music Content: 4
  • Splash Screen, Graphics, Video: 3.5
  • Cover Art: 4
  • Overall Average: 3.8
  • Music And Lyrics Average: 4

We gave this karaoke label a 4-star rating because we loved the tracks we had the pleasure to sample. You can also rate this label by using the star rating system below. Even if you have no physical discs, watch our presentation video above and use that as a guide.

Desirability Factor

We gave this karaoke label high marks, so this collection is highly desirable.

ASK Pop Logo. Be The Star You Are.

We never rest on our laurels here at Karaoke Info. With this in mind, we constantly encourage members to share their experiences with the karaoke labels.

However, logic tells us that if the firm made rubbish, they wouldn’t have such an enormous catalogue with hundreds of karaoke tracks! In other words, the discs wouldn’t sell, and the firm wouldn’t have made so much karaoke music.

But, one look at the disc identity lists tells us they thrived. Indeed, the All Star Karaoke songbook averages around 100 pages.

The All-Star Karaoke catalogue is massive, so why are you waiting? Get yourself over to the official website today! Indeed, there are still many discs and individual tracks available.

Furthermore, there are a lot of second-hand discs available on the internet. However, if you choose to buy second-hand, ensure you check on their condition before you purchase.

To Sum Up The All Star Karaoke Series

We love these discs due to the high-quality content and the variety of the tracks. They offer numerous genres, including rock, pop, and country music. Indeed, this label has something for everyone.

Of course, you can now review the ASK karaoke series. Above all, we welcome comments on the music quality and the legibility of the on-screen graphics. Also, have you had any experience with hybrid discs and edge computer games?

Please give us your opinions below.

All Star Karaoke - ASK033 Front Cover.

All Star Karaoke Songbooks (Discs & Digital)

ASK Mix Logo.

Of course, we need a songbook for the All-Star Karaoke discs above. Indeed, as ever, we do have one on the next page. Karaoke disc collectors will also note that the song lists have many pages.

However, with big labels like this one, there are many duplications. In other words, some tracks from one karaoke CDG may be on others in the same series.

By using our comprehensive lists wisely, you can avoid dupes when collecting the All-Star Karaoke discs.

Our digital songbooks will help eliminate dupes in this series. In short, click the link below to access the All Star Karaoke Songbooks.

Rate The All Star Karaoke Label

Finally, if you have any experience with discs or tracks from this All-Star collection, please leave a review here or in the Karaoke Forum. You can also use the star rating system below, even if you only use our presentation video as a guide. Indeed, by doing this, you can help others decide whether these discs are worth buying!

Overall Rating

The ratings here represent your score and our score combined. So, make sure you have your say.

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Independent Reviews

The following reviews are independent and not necessarily the views of the Karaoke Info staff. However, they may help you decide whether to buy or avoid them.

Official Review By Bobby: All Star Karaoke.

August 21, 2014

Hi, my name is Bobby, and I conducted the original karaoke review above. Whether you agree or disagree, you can leave your review below.

Avatar for Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson

Decent, but not my cup of tea!

November 4, 2018

I tried these, but I think there are better CDGs to buy. While I value Bobby’s opinions, my collection of All-Star karaoke remains in the bottom drawer.

Avatar for Victoria

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