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Sweet Georgia Brown - Magic Tracks Plus Cover.

Karaoke Manufacturers

Here, you can find the disc ID numbers released by individual karaoke companies.

We also show track indices for every karaoke disc in each manufacturer’s songbook.

Not only that, but you can download the accompanying karaoke songbooks, too.

A rating system will also help you decide if the karaoke discs are worth collecting. However, if you already have karaoke discs, write a review or use the star rating system to help others.

Our online karaoke database is here to help collectors everywhere, of course!


Karaoke Songbooks

This is a typical example of a page from one of our karaoke songbooks you can download.

Our example shows “Artist – Track – Disc ID” (ATD), but other options are available, for example, DAT and TAD.

We can also personalise your karaoke songbooks with your name and KJ/DJ logo. Of course, this depends on the membership you choose.

Ready-Made or Customised

Our karaoke labels have accompanying songbooks ready for downloading. However, we may be able to customise yours to suit your requirements.

Contact us to see what we can do for you.


Typical PDF Songbook Page

Karaoke Blog And Forum

The Karaoke Info website is all about keeping you informed. We have both the karaoke blog and forum. Therefore, you can have your say on all karaoke matters.

Besides our reviews about karaoke labels and equipment, we also have news and views from our members and visitors.

You can also have your say or chill out on our message boards with like-minded people.

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